Sofware Introduction
User Mannual and Examples
NN Library
LASP download
LASP theoretical background
LASP applications
LASP tutorial

Tutorial @2018

     Lesson 1:input and output

     Lesson 2: global optimization

     Lesson 3: transion state search (1)

     Lesson 4: transition state search (2)

     Lesson 5: global NN potential--prepare dataset

     Lesson 6: Reaction pathway sampling

     Lesson 7: Homogeneous solid-solid phase transition

     Lesson 8: interfaces to other programs

     Lesson 9: molecular dynamics (1)

     Lesson 10: molecular dynamics (2) enhanced sampling

     Lesson 11: Constructing NN potential

Lessons 2018 On-site course

     1-4 lessons

Lessons 2019 Hands-on tutorial

     AI workshop@xiamen tutorial

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